We are looking for passionate and committed people, who are like-minded and searching for success in life and business.



Whether you’re seeking ways to generate extra income, or considering a complete career change, the Franchising & Business Opportunities Expo will help turn your ambition into reality. RASHAYS will be a part of the action, with Rami Ykmour joining on a surprise date!

When: 10am-5pm Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th of May, 2024

Where: Stand 45, International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour, Sydney

Our franchising representatives will be more than happy to provide insight into what it takes to be a RASHAYS Franchisee and help you kick off the franchising process!


Join the family with a RASHAYS® restaurant of your very own! We love welcoming franchisees who are as obsessed with great food as we are. If this sounds like you, enquire today!

RASHAYS® is your go to A-Z solution to satisfy the needs of your members and guests. From our world class fit outs and menus, our state-of-the art kitchens and systems to our food quality and consistency, staffing and rewards program – we take care of it all.



Always go above and beyond to make people happy.

Everything we do is to ensure that everyone who dines at RASHAYS® walks away with a memorable experience. No ask is too big or too small. We offer a relaxed, friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Everyone is welcome (something for everyone).

At RASHAYS® we are an open and inclusive company. We ensure we have something for everyone through our wide menu choice of modern Australian food, table service, and great tasting dishes made to order at affordable prices.

Enjoyment focused & not too serious.

We are optimistic, cheerful, light hearted (sometimes in an irreverent way). We live in today’s diverse and modern world in happy harmony, so we treat everyone the same and are friendly and helpful to all.



STEP 1 - Enquire

Make an online enquiry and fill out the questionnaire.

STEP 2 - Interview

Our franchise recruitment team will contact you by phone for an initial interview.

STEP 3 - Online Interview

Online interview with our Chief Restaurant Officer.

STEP 4 - Meet our Founder

Online brief meeting with Rami Ykmour (Founder and CEO).

STEP 5 - Application

We will send you a Franchisee Application Form and NDA.

STEP 6 - Information Pack

We will share high-level information about the business.

STEP 7 - Restaurant Visit

Opportunity for you to spend 2 days in a restaurant to understand our operations and culture.

STEP 8 - Connect

Connect with our franchisees and discuss financial capability with our affiliated banks. They shall provide you with an indicative answer.

STEP 9 - Due Diligence

We will share more high-level information to assist you with your due diligence.

STEP 10 - Legal

We will send you the legal documentation and site information.

STEP 11 - Training

Our New Restaurant Opening (NRO) team and Culinary and Operations Coach will support you.

STEP 12 - Opening Day

Opening Day! Now you are the member of Rashays family!



As a Franchisee at RASHAYS you join an Australian family-owned business established in 1998, with 40 locations across NSW, ACT, VIC and QLD. We have been fine tuning our processes for 24 years. Our impressive, state-of-the-art centralised kitchen facility ensures that our food consistently tastes great, food wastage is kept to a minimum and you don’t need experienced back of house labour to run your restaurant. You’re supported by a complete A-Z system, developed for simplicity and success!

Our menu has been designed by Australians for Australians. RASHAYS offers a welcoming, casual dining experience, with friendly table service, serving modern Australian favourites and feeding over 80,000 customers per week.

Our team is made up of over 3000 staff members and spans across all business functions including Operations, Franchise Support, Training & People Development, Marketing, Product Development, IT, Customer Service, Local & International Procurement and Logistics, Project and Maintenance Management and Finance.

The simple answer is no. You will however need a certain ability to manage people well, the discipline to follow processes and systems, the desire and willingness to constantly learn, the ability to have fun and most importantly be prepared to become part of the RASHAYS® community.

The cost of a RASHAYS® restaurant will depend on several factors including location and restaurant size. Typically a new RASHAYS® restaurant will require an investment of between $600,000 and $1,000,000 plus working capital and fees.

Australian Franchising law is designed to protect you as a prospective Franchisee. This including ensuring you can make informed decisions about if is the correct opportunity for you. In saying this, from making your initial enquiry, through the training process to the day you take control of your own restaurant, the minimum time frame would be approximately 3-4 months.

The only way to connect with your guests and community is to work in the restaurant. You will need to understand the operations of your restaurant in order to ensure it is running smoothly. Once you have trained and developed your team and have strong leadership in place it is a great feeling to move from working IN your business from day to day, to working ON your business and take your restaurant to the next level.

We take training very seriously and we want to set you up for success right from the beginning of your journey. There is a great amount of detail to learn as a new Franchisee. The initial training program is 12 weeks where you will be required to work in the front and back of house plus be given an understanding of compliance requirements, financial, HR, and food safety. As a result of this commitment to achieving the best we can, at all levels, the training needs to be robust to give you the ability to run your own restaurant and be able to manage all areas within the venue.

We have a number of franchisees that are multi-site owners, however this not an option for everyone. Once you have proven you can run one RASHAYS® restaurant effectively and efficiently, plus, exhibit that you have the ability and support network to succeed as a multi-site owner, then we can explore multisite opportunities.


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